Family Stories

Snowden "Iron Masters", Progenitors of the Snowden Family in Maryland

Richard Warfield, Progenitor of the Warfield Family in Maryland

Major Thomas Snowden, Revolutionary War Hero with George Washington

Brief History of " Montpelier "

Dr. Charles Alexander Warfield, the " Annapolis Tea Party" and the "Burning of the Peggy Stewart"

Dr. Charles Alexander Warfield and the Founding of the University of Maryland Medical School

Dr. Peregrine Warfield and the War Of 1812

Family Quakers, the First to Initiate Manumission

Founding of the B&O Railroad

Colonel Charles Alexander Warfield, III, & Westward Expansion

Nicholas Snowden's 1846 Letter from Georgetown University

Snowden and Warfield Descendants in the California Gold Rush

Civil War Heroes

Johns Hopkins and the Founding of the University, the Hospital and the Medical School that Bear his Name

Founding of Bryn Mawr College

Family Ties to the Founding of the Rockefeller University, the Rockefeller Foundation, The Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, NJ, and the first Accreditation System for Medical Schools in America

F. Scott Fitzgerald, Author

Bessie Wallace Warfield, the Duchess of Windsor

Paul Warfield Tibbets and the Closing of World War II

The Christening of the Liberty Ship, Charles A. Warfield

Chartered for History: "President Warfield" to "Exodus 1947"

"The Ring of Truth", a Gripping Story of a Warfield Descendant, Published in the Reader's Digest

Katharine Houghton Hepburn

Notable Achievements of Family Women

Dr. Melissa Anthony Warfield

20th & 21st Century Physician, Scientist, Inventor, Author And Entrepreneur

Inter-Family Relationships & Stories

Patriotism Through Ridgely-Warfield-Snowden Relationships

Snowden-Warfield Relationships

Snowden-Warfield-Thomas-Hopkins Relationships



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