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The Home of Dr. Evan William Warfield and his two Wives


By Jean Warfield Donnelly Keenan with Carolyn Warfield Scheele Fakadej
December 2015

Near the northwest corner of the intersection of Route 97 and Carr’s Mill Road in Howard County, MD once stood a large white farmhouse built by Dr. Evan William Warfield and his wife, Sallie Ann Warfield. Although this structure no longer exists, this location was very near the little town of Inwood and not far from Glenwood, MD. At the time they built ‘Woodlawn’ the land was part of ‘Bushy Park,’ owned by Sallie Ann’s father and mother, Charles Dorsey Warfield, Sr., and Ruth Griffith Dorsey Warfield. In 1861 Sallie Ann inherited the 263 acres on which ‘Woodlawn’ stood. (Reference: Land Record Book, w.w.w. 21 page 511 dated 9-23-1861, Howard Ct. Hs.)

After Sallie Ann and Evan Warfield were married in 1848, they built ‘Woodlawn’ and raised a family of eight children, three of whom did not survive childhood.  Sallie Ann had attended Patapsco Female Institute in Ellicott City, MD. Dr. Evan Warfield was a well-known physician, who had inherited his father’s practice (Dr. Gustavus Warfield), which covered three adjoining counties. He also oversaw a large farm on the property. Sallie Ann died in 1881 at the age of 53. Dr. Evan remained in the house with his family and at the age of 65 married Julia Anthony of Richmond, VA.  They lived at ‘Woodlawn’ and had two sons, the first of whom did not survive. After Dr. Evan’s death in 1904, Julia returned to Richmond.

It was then that Dr. Evan and Sallie Ann’s son, Charles Dorsey Warfield (1860-1907) and his wife, Mary Thomas Snowden Warfield (1861-1932) bought ‘Woodlawn’ and farmed it. They were parents of five children, including Amy, Clara, Edward, Irene and Charles. Unfortunately, Charles, Sr., died suddenly on January 31, 1907 at the age of 46. His wife, Mary, tried to run the farm but a few years later sold it and moved to Ellicott City, MD. A few years later ‘Woodlawn’ was destroyed by fire.



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