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The Legacy

As one of the leading patriots in the State of Maryland, Dr. Charles Alexander Warfield played a leading role in "determining the course that this country would lead in opposition to the King of England at the time of the Revolutionary War." As a devoted member of the "Whig" Club, Dr. Warfield gave birth to the motto, "Liberty and Independence or Death in pursuit of it." In the wake of the burning of the Peggy Stewart, which occurred in the Annapolis harbor on October 19, 1774, Dr. Warfield became one of the great heroes in the cause for American independence.

These "valorous and determined stands, in opposition to oppression and tyranny", entitle Dr. Charles Alexander Warfield to a deserved position of prominence in the history of the State of Maryland as well as in the United States . His actions may be "cherished by every true patriot, as a conspicuous example of that love of liberty and justice that animated our forefathers, wrought our freedom" and still pervades today, in modern-day America!

As a just tribute to Dr. Warfield's memory, and as an acknowledgement of his patriotism and valor, the true story of the "Burning of the Peggy Stewart" is herewith presented, together with the DAR copy of the painting that honors this historical event. His noble stand, in perilous times, should indeed be "cherished by every true patriot."

Dr. George A. Scheele
Fourth Great Grandson of Dr. Charles Alexander Warfield


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